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The dynamic designs from Lubliner Florist strike a perfect balance between professionalism and creativity. They literally change the atmosphere in an office:

  • Increasing creative performance
  • Sharpening problem-solving skills
  • Adding beauty to the work-space
  • Making people feel good

Floral colors, fragrances, and sizes are tailored to suit a particular office environment.

A weekly delivery arrives every Monday, without fail, for the enjoyment of the professionally creative, the creatively professional, and everyone in between!

Please Contact Us for an on-site visit and a price quote.




Is there someone in your life who would really welcome your appreciation, love or acknowledgement on a regular basis, but you can’t find the time to take it on?

Sending gorgeous seasonal flowers every month is a gift like no other. And if you’re busy beyond belief, we can provide a downright classy solution.

One simple phone call to Lubliner could help you:

  • Show gratitude to a different client or strategic partner each month.
  • Let a family member know you’re always thinking of them, even though you’re miles (or maybe years) apart.
  • Keep in good stead with your spouse or partner.
  • Let a new friend or client know you’re thinking about them.

You can let go of the stress and absolutely delight someone at the same time. Let us provide you with effective, imaginative, ongoing acknowledgement of the important people in your life. Put a smile on someone’s face with an expertly crafted floral arrangement.

Price ranges from $39 to $99 ~ Contact Us




How about a simply exquisite vase of flowers delivered anywhere in downtown Portland for only twenty bucks?!

There are so many people who would love these cheerful designs:

  • An employee who goes the extra mile
  • A colleague who helps you with a valuable introduction
  • A friend who meets you for a drink and listens while you vent
  • A boss who goes to bat for you
  • A wife or husband who tolerates your long hours
  • A city commissioner who takes the time to meet you at your business
  • A coworker who covers for you while you are out of town
  • A teacher who makes extra time for your child
  • Clients and potential clients
  • Referral and strategic partners

The list goes on ~ Contact Us

And outside of the downtown area, Lubliner can deliver to any Portland address for just $25!

“Thank you” doesn’t get any more sincere than this. It’s an elegant way to make a personal connection without breaking the bank.