Sending flowers is a brilliant way to make personal connections.

Flowers touch the soul like nothing else, and most of the time we relate their delivery to special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, because of their expressive beauty and their ability to make people feel good.

But flowers also have a way of engendering trust. And trust not only comes in handy with relatives and friends, it’s an integral part of how successful businesses become successful.

Flowers can be the glue that helps strengthen existing business relationships, and can foster goodwill with new and potential clients.A simple gesture of gratitude can separate you from the crowd and increase the likelihood of favorable interactions.Having the perfect flowers for an event can bolster your image and confirm your professionalism.

So while it will always be of great importance to send flowers for all those personal “special occasions” in life, don’t forget that business folk want to feel good too, and that sending just the right flowers at just the right time could make all the difference in the success of your enterprise.