Lubliner Florist has proudly served Portland since 1914

For over a century, Lubliner Florist has crafted stunning floral artwork with thought. For just as long, you have brought our creations into your home. We thank you, and we look forward to another century of bringing you locally sourced color, light, and joy.

At Lubliner, we dig deep. Our artful work is inspired by the seasons, by the ceremonies, and by you. No matter the occasion, our flowers cut through the chaos to lift your smile. Whether you're looking to send a booming "Congratulations," a sweet "I love you," or the simplest "Hello," our flowers foster the connection you seek.

We pour ourselves into every design so our flowers fill you up from the inside out.

My name is Dawn, and Lubliner is my fourth daughter – you'll often find the other three helping their mom out on a busy summer day, bringing in flowers from our home garden to brighten our creations.

Lubliner has been at the center of our family for years, so that our creations continue to be at the center of yours.